Russian Ivan-Tea & Sea Buckthorn

Fermented Russian Ivan-Tea & sea buckthorn (Willow-herb with sea buckthorn).

Sea buckthorn is a brightly coloured yellow and orange berry with a subtle yet distinctive aroma. An excellent thirst quencher, it tea with sea buckthorn was considered as a “vitamin bank” of sorts by healers in the old days, because of its remarkable healing properties that would speed up recovery and help you recuperate energy and strength.

Ivan-Tea & Sea Buckthorn is produced from fermented black willow herb leaves and sea buckthorn fruit, which boast a delicate aroma and a mildly sour flavour. The tea, marked by a distinctive astringent taste, is an excellent thirst quencher and a great source of nutrients for the body, replenishing its supplies of essential organic and mineral components, such as various microelements, iron, B vitamins and vitamin C, flavonoids, pectin, etc. Thanks to its nutritional properties Ivan-Tea & Sea Buckthorn allows you to easily recuperate your strength and recharge your batteries. Russian Ivan-Tea & Sea Buckthorn is an excellent choice for any family.

Useful properties of Ivan-Tea & Sea Buckthorn

Drinking Ivan-Tea & Sea Buckthorn can give a great boost to your body’s immune system, and serve as an excellent preventive remedy against colds and flu during the winter season.

  • This blend does not contain any caffeine, which means that it cannot cause addiction or have any other damaging effects on the nervous system.
  • Sea buckthorn is also known to stimulate haematosis and tissue regeneration.
  • It also improves the function of the digestive tract.
  • It can improve male libido, as well as act as a preventive remedy to prostatitis.
  • Ivan-Tea & Sea Buckthorn can have a positive effect on the skin, hair, and fingernails.
  • It helps women go through menopause.
  • Sea buckthorn is also known for its antioxidant properties.


  • fermented willow herb leaves 70%
  • sea buckthorn leaves 20%
  • sea buckthorn fruit 10%

How to brew Ivan-tea & Sea Buckthorn?

  1. Take 8 grams for 1 litre of water (4 grams for 0.5 litres).
  2. Bring water to boil.
  3. Brew in rolling boil water, and leave the tea to infuse for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Pour the tea into cups.
  5. You can leave the tea leaves in the teapot, and reuse them up to 3-4 times.
    And the tea will not lose neither its flavour, nor its enticing aroma, nor its medicinal properties.
  6. Ivan-tea & Sea Buckthorn can be served both hot and cold.
  7. Enjoy your tea!

We hope every family gets the chance to enjoy and appreciate our teas.

100% organic, no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives added.

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