Russian Ivan-Tea & Cherry

Russian Ivan-Tea & Cherry (Willow-herb with Cherry)

Fermented Ivan-Tea with cherry leaves and berries.

Cherry has always been considered a healer plant in Russia, in recognition of its medicinal properties that can be effectively channelled to restore the body's immune system and protective functions. Combined with cherry, Ivan-Tea develops a more astringent flavour, giving the blend a pleasant aftertaste.

Its unique and utterly delightful aroma have helped the cherry win over the hearts of the Russian people, making it one of their favourite fruits, and our Ivan-Tea & Cherry has also succeeded in becoming a favourite with our customers.

Russian Ivan-Tea & Cherry is rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C. It is interesting to note that its levels in cherries are 5-8 times higher than in lemons, which are renowned for being rich in vitamin C, a necessary active component in many processes that take place in the human body. Which is why Russian Ivan-Tea & Cherry helps improve your health, recuperate your energy, and strengthen your immune system.

Useful properties of Russian Ivan-Tea & Cherry

  • The coumarins, citric acid, and tannic elements, contained in cherry leaves, can increase the positive effect the tea has on the body;
  • It improves coagulability, prevents clots from forming in the blood vessels, and can play a role in preventing strokes and heart attacks;
  • Cherry fruit and leaves contain high levels of amygdaline, a bioactive substance that has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, preventing the development of heart conditions and reducing the risk of you suffering a heart attack;
  • It also acts as an antiseptic agent, and improves metabolism, thanks to the citric acid contained in the tea leaves. Cherries also contain quercitrin, an antioxidant which helps rid the body of free radicals;
  • The presence of tannic elements means that the tea also possesses certain disinfectant properties, resulting in a general anti-inflammatory effect.

So, unless you suffer from elevated stomach acidity levels, you can drink Russian Ivan-Tea & Cherry day in day out.

Ivan-Tea leaves contain B vitamins, vitamin C, iron, flavonoids, and pectin.


  • fermented willow herb leaves 70%
  • fermented cherry leaves 20%
  • cherry berries 10%

100% organic, no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives added.

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