Russian Ivan-Tea & Bilberry, in pyramid tea bags

Russian Ivan-Tea & Bilberry (Willow-herb with Blueberry), in pyramid tea bags.

Fermented Russian Ivan-tea & Bilberry (Willow-herb with Blueberry) - your go-to-choice for better vision! Bilberries have a rich ruby red colour and gentle fruity aroma. For centuries, the juicy berries were used in Russia as a traditional remedy to cleanse the body, combat sickness, and improve vision. People have always believed bilberries to possess rejuvenating properties, and it has been proven scientifically that they can indeed help rejuvenate the human body and put off aging.

Useful properties of Ivan-tea & Bilberry

Bilberries, especially with Ivan-tea leaves, have a generally therapeutic effect on the human body. It is, first and foremost, an excellent way to prevent sight impairment. It tea also has a positive effect on the digestive tract and the cardiovascular system, due to it being so rich in minerals and other elements.

Ivan-tea & Bilberry can bolster your immune system and enhance your body’s protective functions, allowing it to better fight off various infections. Ivan-tea & Bilberry also has a soothing and generally therapeutic effect on the nervous system, helping the body cope with stress and fight against depression.

Features of our Ivan-tea & Bilberry in the pyramids

For Ivan-tea in pyramid tea bags we use a whole large-leaf Ivan-tea. The pyramid is Packed with the addition of natural berries. Bilberry berries retain up to 95 percent of the beneficial properties, as preserved by sublimation, by rapid and complete removal of moisture to preserve all vitamins.

Pyramids have a remarkable capacity, hot water instantly penetrates and circulates freely, so the taste of tea is the same as when brewing loose. The pyramids retain the necessary volume to open the tea leaf, which allows to make the drink as tasty and fragrant as possible.

How to brew Ivan tea & Bilberry in the pyramids?

Russian Ivan tea in the pyramids has the same quality as loose, so the duration of brewing is 2-3 minutes.
Wait necessarily this time so that the raspberry berries have time to reveal their taste.
Put the pyramid in a cup and pour boiling water on it, do not squeeze the pyramid before removing it from the cup.

  • fermented willow herb leaves 70%
  • bilberry leaves and shoots 20%
  • bilberry fruit 10%

100% organic product, environmentally friendly, no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives added.
Does not contain GMOs.

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