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Russian Ivan Tea: delicious, useful, natural

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Russian Russian Ivan-Tea is a traditional tea for Russia, where it is also called Ivan-Tea and is known for more than 7 centuries!

According to ancient books, this drink grants bliss, and frees from evil thoughts and ailments.

Thanks to its magical properties, the Russian people have always been honored for their strength, kindness and excellent health!

Russian Ivan-Tea (Epilobium angustifolium) indeed possesses some truly unique healing properties. The leaves that we use to produce our teas contain plentiful bioactive compounds, tannins, mucilaginous elements, organic acids, coumarins, flavonoids, iron, B vitamins, and vitamin C (and its levels are three times higher than the levels of vitamin C in lemons). Willow herb tea does not contain any caffeine. Most importantly though it has a delicate taste with tender notes of dried fruit, a delicious aroma, and the same shade of colour as your typical tea.

Ivan-Tea grows in the wild and is gathered in Russia, where there is fresh and cool air, crystal clear water, and there are mighty trees and bears around.

More and more people today are thinking about healthy food, they are looking for really nutrient-enriched and green products.

Ivan-Tea boosts immunity, normalizes blood pressure, and relieves stress.

The popularity of Russian Ivan-Tea is growing all over the world, so we are cooperating with large companies that have the rich experience in international trade and established relationships with many customers.

Russian Ivan Tea: delicious, useful, natural

100% organic, no artificial flavours, colours, or preservatives added.

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